We are Vitastil

Vitastil is a private company founded in 2004 in Erdevik (Vojvodina, Serbia). Our experience in manufacturing sunflower products dates back to 1992. Since its beginnings, Vitastil company has been processing sunflower kernels, and as time went by, it modernized its facilities and started producing cold-pressed gourmet sunflower oil and its newest product, sunflower pâté, respectively.

In order to take care of your health properly, it is our duty to keep on improving our production process and, with your trust, to cope with the demands of time together. We coordinated our business with the required standards in our field of work, respecting the EU regulations concerning the production, storage and packing of the food.

Relationships with our customers and partners are based on cooperation and mutual respect, because each individual is essential for Vitastil company. Our customers’ and partners’ satisfaction is the foundation on which we build our business, as well as good atmosphere inside the company itself. Highly motivated employees and commitment to producing high quality healthy products are what builds our brand image.

Our vision is to increase our impact on the market with the quality of our products, and to offer each family a healthy nutrition. Meeting the customers’ demands and maintaining good relationships with our customers are company’s vital tasks.


We made our nutrition to meet your noble taste


Our vision is to offer each family a healthy nutrition, by selecting the finest sunflower seeds and producing them in an ecological way


Meeting your demands and maintaining good relationships with our customers are company’s vital tasks