Cold-pressed gourmet oil Vitastil is obtained from carefully preserved, dried and cleaned sunflower, in a completely natural way, which means by pressing the seeds and subsequent filtration of the taken oil. Vitastil oil production is carried out on the temperature below 50 °C, which enables the preserving of all the nutritional and curative oil ingredients.

Cold-pressed Vitastil oil is a high-quality oil recommended by many experts because of its nutritional composition and beneficial effect. Having plenty of healthy unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, it is a recommended ingredient of salads and various dishes.

By cooperation with the well-known expert Etelka Dimić and with continuous product analyzing by an accredited food testing laboratory, we guarantee the constant quality in every bottle of Vitastil cold-pressed oil. Having won numerous accolades and top prizes at competitions and trade fairs, Vitastil oil receives confirmation for its well-conducted idea and the effort it puts in developing a healthy product that has become recognizable for its top quality, attractive amber color and exquisite flavor which will afford the customer a true pleasure.