Vitastil offers you high quality sunflower kernel, suitable for use in food and confectionery industry. Completely peeled, intact kernel of cleaned Vitastil sunflower is easy recognizable on the market. Thanks to the use of special confectionery sunflower hybrid, recommended by nutritionists for every day consumption, as well as for the confectionery industry, our raw material demonstrates its quality both nutritionally and visually. The seeds can be nibbled, added to various salads, sandwiches, bread dough, rolls, cakes, etc.

High percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, particularly of omega-6, contribute to the normal functioning of the organism, lowering cholesterol in the blood and preserving the cardiovascular system. By sunflower consumption one can get important minerals as well as vitamins he/she needs.

Available package sizes Weight
Sunflower kernel - small 0.5 kg
Sunflower kernel - large 5 kg