Long term thinking – recipe for success

Having increased my interest in a healthy lifestyle made me realize that by changing the little things today, we create grand deeds for our future. After becoming aware of the fact that there are many individuals in our society who also take care of their future, I decided to accept the challenge and give them an opportunity to preserve their health and vitality for years to come. That is how the “Vitastil” company was created. It is located in the very heart of the fruitful Vojvodina plain. This location has given us the opportunity to use the best raw materials from the vast plains, giving our products the highest quality.

In order to turn my thoughts into action, the processing of our raw materials is done by state of the art of very modern facilities, which are meeting the highest standards. This is how our modest company became a recognizable symbol of quality and healthy nutrition across the whole country. Numerous competition and fair awards, as well as the constant quality control carried out by the Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, are the confirmation of the above written, as well as guaranty for the consistency of the provided services.

Miroslav Đurka